Agency Attribute Measures

Latent trait measures of agency attributes described in Anthony M. Bertelli, Dyana P. Mason, Jennifer M. Connolly, and David A. Gastwirth. 2013. “Measuring Agency Attributes with Attitudes Across Time: A Method and Examples Using Large-Scale Federal Surveys,” Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, are provided in a Microsoft Excel worksheet here.  A codebook is available in PDF format here.  The article can be accessed via the journal website here.


Survey-Based Federal Agency Ideal Point Estimates

Ideal point estimates based on the Survey on the Future of Government Service were recently presented in Joshua Clinton, Anthony Bertelli, Christian Grose, David Lewis, and David Nixon. 2012. Separated Powers in the United States: The Ideology of Agencies, Presidents, and CongressAmerican Journal of Political Science 56(2): 341-54.  Agency-level estimates are available in MS Excel format by clicking here.  A codebook for the dataset is available here.  Dave Nixon has produced a webpage for the survey here.

Cabinet-Congress-President Ideal Point Data

A datafile including the ideology estimates for presidents, legislators and cabinet secretaries used in Anthony M. Bertelli and Christian R. Grose. 2011. “The Lengthened Shadow of Another Institution? Ideal Point Estimates for the Executive Branch and Congress.” American Journal of Political Science 55(4): 767-81 is available in MS Excel format by clicking here.  A codebook for the dataset is available here.


This site offers a variety of datasets related to federal administrative agencies in the US related to our scholarly work.  We have set the site up as a blog to allow comment from users on the data we release.  The site is in a preliminary stage of development and will offer more resources with time, so please check back.  Thanks very much for visiting.